The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online

How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy Kindle Edition

Have you a service based business?

Are you confused about what actually works to grow your business on the internet?

The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online-ex amazon

Do you want to increase your client base?

Yes, it’s easy to be confused.

Because there is lots of conflicting advice.

About blogging, websites, social media marketing, video, audio, YouTube, podcasting, search engine optimisation, guest posting, etc.

Some of this advice is well intentioned, some is plain wrong, and some is simply theory as to what might work.

Throw paid advertising and expensive “consultants” into the mix and it’s easy to just sit tight and do nothing.

I understand your situation, because I was there too, not so long ago.

I am a lawyer and my book “The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online:How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy” sets out exactly the steps I have taken, and take every day even now, to grow my client base.

And my income and profits.

What’s in this book is the exact strategy I have followed since 2011 to build my law practice by getting new clients through smart, cost-effective online marketing.

So if you want theory or a bird’s eye view of online/digital marketing this book is not for you.

But if your business provides a service, and you want to increase the number of your clients by exploiting the power of the internet, this book will help. 

Because it sets out the proven, simple 5 step strategy I use on a daily basis since 2011.

With my strategy you will have a clear action plan to exploit the power of the internet to increase your client numbers.

This clarity will allow you to clear away the fog of confusion surrounding your efforts, and help overcome any procrastination about what you should be doing.

The strategy I set out in this book can work for you too, provided you take action and follow the steps, and adapt it for your particular business. It’s not a silver bullet. There are none, I’m afraid.

It is a cost effective strategy that will, as sure as day follows night, drive new clients to your business. It doesn’t require a huge investment of capital.

All it requires is consistent work by you on the 5 pillars of the strategy.

They are easy to follow, provided you are committed to serving your market, and want to grow your business by tapping into the power of the internet. 

This strategy has worked for me, and allowed me to build a successful law practice with practically no money investment.

No advertising.

No virtual assistants.

No unethical practices.


The 2 images below offers photographic proof of the success of this strategy to grow web traffic. Click on images to enlarge.

Jan-Dec.2013 traffic
Jan-Dec 2013 traffic for 1 site

(Source: Awstats, cPanel for

YouTube and Facebook

I have over 7,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel

My Facebook pages have over 30,000 followers. Here is my EmploymentRightsIreland Facebook page.

I have nearly 9,000 email subscribers:

Aweber email marketing subscribers

Take the steps in this strategy and you will truly serve your market.

And grow your business by steadily acquiring new clients who will see you as trusted authority, a “go to person” in your industry.

Are you ready to grow your business online?

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Remember: even one new client for your business will return many times the money you invest in this book.

Terry Gorry & Co. Solicitors

Small Business Law

January 2016

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I updated this book in April 2019 because the fundamentals of the strategy set out in this book have not changed.

Sure, lots of things have changed since I started marketing my business online in 2011 and published this book in 2016. But the basic strategy of providing value in advance to those people who you wish to serve has not changed.

And the utility of the content you create and publish-whether it is in the form of the written word or video or audio or any other format-is the fuel that drives this strategy.

The only things that have changed since 2016 are the channels, the venues by which you publish your valuable content.

For example, Instagram has come to the fore and other channels have withered and died.

But this makes no difference to the power of the strategy set out in this book. Because all you have to do is tweak your strategy to reflect the channel distribution changes that naturally occur.

The basic strategy is the same and works as well now as it ever has.

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Terry Gorry 2019
Terry Gorry B.Comm Solicitor