Category: Company Formation

  • The Minimalist Guide to the Companies Act, 2014

    The Companies Act, 2014 will ensure big changes in company law in Ireland will come into effect on 1st June, 2015. This will mean that existing statutes which have been in force for over 50 years will be binned, and this includes the Companies Act, 1963 and the Companies Act, 1990. Key definitions Some critical […]

  • 7 Crucial Elements of a Shareholder’s Agreement

    Good fences make good neighbours. A shareholders agreement can be every bit as important in a company where there are minority shareholders. Because a minority shareholder(s) whose interests and rights can easily be ignored by being outvoted by the other shareholders, particularly in circumstances where the minority shareholder holds less than 25% of the shares. […]

  • How To Set Up a Limited Company (And the Advantages and Disadvantages of Limited Company Status)

    Thinking about setting up a limited company? Fancy the thought of becoming a company director? And majority shareholder? But you’re not sure whether it is a good idea or whether you need to? This piece will take a look at how to register a limited company in Ireland, the different types of limited company and, […]