Category: Company Liquidation

  • Voluntary Liquidation of a Company by the Members

    A company can be dissolved by liquidation and there are three categories of liquidation: A voluntary liquidation by the members after the making of a statutory declaration of solvency A voluntary liquidation by the members which is ratified by the company creditors A court ordered liquidation In a voluntary liquidation the appointed liquidator must file […]

  • Could This Simple Mistake Cost You Your Business?

    Imagine this. You’ve worked hard to build up a solid base of clients in your hairdressing or beauty salon business. It hasn’t been easy, but you began to see the fruits of your hard work, long hours, and commitment pay off around 12 months ago. In fact, it got so busy that you had to […]

  • Winding Up and Liquidation of a Company-How Personal Liability Can Arise for Directors

    The striking off of a company from the Register of Companies can be voluntary or involuntary. There are two forms of company strike off involving striking the company off the Register of Companies at the Companies Registration Office (CRO)-voluntary and involuntary. It is important to understand the difference. Voluntary strike off Section 311 of the […]