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  • My 4 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics

    Are you wondering about how to use the internet and social media to start or grow your business? Do you have a healthy degree of skepticism about what works and doesn’t work? Have you come across individuals who claim to be experts and gurus in the area but you have your doubts? I have built […]

  • How I Sold 306 Kindle Books in 5 Days Last Week, and 3 Vital Lessons for Entrepreneurs

    Stunned, I was. It was beyond my wildest expectations. And my birthday, too! 256 books sold on Monday 5th February, 2018-one day. Let me explain. I have a number of books for sale on the Kindle publishing platform. A few years ago I decided to take advantage of what Jeff Bezos has created with Amazon […]

  • 1 Email Marketing Mistake that Makes You Look Stupid and Lazy

    I would attribute a huge part of my success in growing my solicitor’s practice to email marketing. Anybody with an ounce of sense can, with a little research and study of online/digital marketing, quickly recognise the stunning power of email marketing in helping you grow your business. However, it is not all plain sailing. In […]

  • Have You These 4 Essential Elements in Your Sales Page?

    Have you a sales page on your website or blog? Even if you haven’t a dedicated sale page you will still want website/blog visitors to purchase your service or product. If you have, there are 4 things that are absolutely essential if you want it to be effective in making sales of your product or […]

  • The Stupidest Article I Ever Wrote

    I have to admit it-I was completely, utterly wrong. Misinformed, misguided, wrong-headed, mistaken, idiotic. I’m talking about Facebook ads. I wrote a blog post entitled “The Shocking Truth About Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses”. The sad thing is that I received a lot of good comment about the article at the time. Positive comments from […]

  • Social Proof-Don’t Overlook This Stunningly Effective Tool for Your Business

    Holy s**t! That was my son’s reaction when I showed him the Facebook page. Do you know the way young people know everything? The way they are all full of piss and vinegar? My son’s 19, so anything that would impress him in relation to social media is worth a second look. And if you […]

  • The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online-Kindle and Paperback

    Have you a service based business? Do you want to increase your client base? Are you confused about what actually works to grow your business on the internet? Yes, it’s easy to be confused. Because there is lots of conflicting advice. About blogging, websites, social media marketing, video, audio, YouTube, podcasting, search engine optimisation, guest […]

  • The Biggest Obstacle to Selling Anything Online

    The biggest obstacle to selling your goods or services online is not price, not technology, not lack of traffic, not paucity of Facebook fans or Twitter followers. There is one fundamental element necessary to persuade your visitors, followers, fans, random surfers to reach for their credit card and buy what you are selling. And that […]

  • 2 Powerful Marketing Lessons from a Farm Safety Campaign by the Health and Safety Authority

    “Because McGeadys’ farm became the bank’s farm.” There are not too many farmers around Ireland who could ignore a radio ad which explains how a family farm became the bank’s farm. The beginning of this latest ad from the HSA begins: “The story of how a family’s name got wiped off the map. Because McGeady’s […]

  • What You Can Learn From William Shakespeare to Grow Your Business

    William Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest playwright in the English language, can help you grow your business. What the fluff? Have you lost your marbles, I hear you ask? Let me explain. Have you ever heard of Freytag’s pyramid? No? I don’t blame you. I didn’t either, until I began researching the power of story in […]