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  • A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Take Credit Card Payments in Your Business

    Are you a small business owner or start up who would like to be able to take credit card payments from customers/clients? This used to involve a fair degree of expense because you would have to pay an ongoing fee for a dedicated phone line, for the credit card machine itself, perhaps for installation, and […]

  • 3 Stunningly Effective, Free Ways to Promote You or Your Business

    I attended Evensong in Westminster Abbey last week. Evensong has been sung, celebrated and offered up in worship on the site of Westminster Abbey for over 1,000 years, originally by the Benedictine monks who came to the site in the tenth century. For me, though, it was a free way to get into Westminster Abbey […]

  • The Death of the Newsagent: Lessons for Retailers

    There’s nowhere on the main street in Kinnegad to buy a pint of milk or a newspaper now, you know. Not since “Flemings”, the traditional “newsagents”, closed its doors a few months ago. There was no big announcement, no social media campaign to keep it open. Nada. The doors just weren’t opened the next morning. And within […]