Terry Gorry 2019
Terry Gorry B.Comm Solicitor

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner?

Want to start your own business?

Maybe you already have a small business and you face the usual problems facing all SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in Ireland.

Unsure about your obligations as an employer?

Confused about leasing a new premises?

Maybe you are considering buying a franchise.

Or you need to know more about partnership law, or copyright, or intellectual property.

These are exactly the types of problems I help small business owners with.

Because I’ve been a business owner in Ireland since 1986.

I’m a straight talking solicitor too.

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners with all types of legal problems that they fact on a daily basis.

I’ve got

  • a degree in commerce from UCD
  • a professional solicitor qualification from the Law Society of Ireland
  • 29 years experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur in a wide range of industries-retailing and property development mainly.

I provide cost effective, responsive, legal and consulting services to start ups and SMEs.

I have a small solicitors practice.

Because I’m small most people think that I am more approachable and less stuffy than bigger firms.

In fact, I like to think I try harder because I am smaller.

Here’s what others say about me.

Judge for yourself-why not sign up for one of my free reports.

Or contact me.

And if you want to find out about my non legal/business life?

I’ve a wife and four great kids (wife is great too!).

When I’m not working

  • I follow all kinds of sport, especially GAA
  • read classic books on my Kindle
  • walk every day and listen to podcasts and news programmes.

Here are some wacky things you don’t know about me:

  • I played minor and U21 football for Kildare
  • I won a Leinster U 21 medal “back in the day”
  • I think I’m the only solicitor in the country with a teleporter licence
  • I’ve written some books-here’s my Amazon author page
  • I gave Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary some advice in the 80s when he had the newsagents in Walkinstown (I’m not sure he listened!)
  • I’m on a mission to make solicitors’ websites/blogs more useful (or at least less boring).

Check out my Amazon Author Page.

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