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A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Take Credit Card Payments in Your Business

aking credit card payments

Are you a small business owner or start up who would like to be able to take credit card payments from customers/clients?

This used to involve a fair degree of expense because you would have to pay an ongoing fee for a dedicated phone line, for the credit card machine itself, perhaps for installation, and your ongoing transaction fees.

Well, that’s not necessary anymore as I discovered recently.

I wanted to be able to take credit card payments in my solicitor’s practice in Enfield as a service to my clients. However, I was concerned about the cost of providing this service and, therefore, did a little shopping around.

I came across a solution from an Irish start up: sum up.

The tiny card reader I needed to buy from them cost 79 euros and this was a one off payment. The only ongoing fee I would incur would be the commission fee per transaction.

I had to download an app to my phone or iPad. Once I did this, and setting up was easy, I could simply enter the amount I wanted to charge on my phone, insert the client’s credit card into the little card reader, ensure bluetooth was enabled on my phone to allow it to connect to the reader, insert the card in the reader, give it to the client who entered his pin, and the job was a good one.

So far, after about 3 weeks, I have had no problems whatsoever with it and would strongly recommend it as an excellent cost-effective option for taking credit cards.

You can check out sum up here.